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Romantic Weekend on 30A

Field Williams • August 15, 2018

30A can be an incredible spot for a romantic weekend, but you have to know what you are doing! I will put my top tips here, so don't hesitate to reach out for more details!

  • Plan Ahead!
    • Know when you are coming. Late Summer/Fall can be ideal. The water is still warm and the crowds have dwindled down. You will also get better rates than peak season.
    • Check the local calendars. See who is playing at The Hub. Check the Farmer's Markets. Tell the folks at Live Well 30A where you want dinner reservations or ask for their latest tip!
  • Go all in on dinner. And you can't go wrong with a date night in Rosemary. This is just one prescription.
    • Pre Dinner Cocktail: NEAT in ALYS Beach
    • Dinner: Edwards... enjoy the ambience and hope they have a sax player that night. OR the newest, unbeatable rooftop experience... Pescado
    • Dessert: La Crema for amazing treats and coffee drinks
    • Keep the party going or have a night cap: Head to the Havana Bar at the Pearl Hotel
  • Don't forget the power of simple. Beach Day.
    • Bike to the beach.
    • Rent beach chairs. (Plan ahead here)
    • Pack snacks.
    • Read the same book or do something intentional like that... the key is connecting.
  • The Grand Finale. Beach Fire.
    • This is an experience that is unique to Walton County. If you havent experienced a fire on the beach it's an experience you will never forget. 
    • Beach sure to use Live Well 30A. They have been setting up beach fires for over ten years and they have making you feel special down to a science. They will handle EVERYTHING from permitting to set up to clean up. They can even cater.
  • Top it off. Brunch.