Why does Rent 30A Exist?

Field Williams • August 09, 2018

Did you know?......

We encourage people to use Rent 30A when they come back to 30A. Why? Because Rent 30A was created to make the experience easier and better, from arrival to departure. Not familiar with Rent 30A? Read all about it below and why you should use it next time you book your beach vacation!

Why does Rent 30A exist?

Rent 30A exist because we think the booking process should involve someone that knows the area. When you book with Rent 30A you are dealing with locals who have been around 30A for many years and want to share that experience with you. We also created Rent 30A because we think booking fees are bogus and no one should have to pay them.

If you are browsing Rent 30A, you can see that every house has the option to speak to the manager of the home you may want to rent, leaving open communication for both parties if you have questions. Rent 30A was created to give the user a friendly experience and be able to navigate the area and the homes that 30A has to offer.

Who needs Rent 30A?

Rent 30A is for EVERYONE! Whether you're a newlywed couple, a big family, or a group of couples looking for an adult getaway, Rent 30A has something for everyone. We have over 1,500 properties that you can search and look at and we can assure you that you WILL find the perfect one!

What does Rent 30A do that’s different?

What's different about Rent 30A from other booking sites? Rent 30A provides local insight. After years of calling 30A home, we know the area and can answer any questions anytime. Whether that be questions you need answered at the time of booking or while you're here, we are here for you!

The best part about our site is there are NO BOOKING FEES. You read that correctly, NO booking fees! Sites like VRBO and AirBnB charge you fees that you don't even see sometimes, not the case with Rent 30A.

Rent 30A has over 1,500 properties to search for each user. Whether you are looking for a house, condo, or townhome, we have plenty to offer. You can search by location among the 16 different beach communities along 30A. We've worked hard to make our site user-friendly that allows each user to view the properties, search for the perfect one and be able to contact us with any questions.