30a sunsets

30A Sunsets

John Wellborn • August 02, 2016

Sunsets on 30A are considered sacred to locals and guests alike. There is something special about watching the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. There are never two sunsets that are the same.

I’ve watched it happen thousands of times, but it never gets old.

Some of the most colorful sunsets I’ve ever seen have been just after a storm rolls through. The clouds reflect the light just after the sun goes in the water and produces hot pinks and neon oranges.

One of the most serene sites to see is a colorfully bright lit Western sky against a deep, dark blue sky Eastern with the moon and stars as they are just coming out for the night.


Here are some great places to watch sunset on 30A:

  • Bud and Alleys in Seaside - this is the favorite of locals and tourists if you want to watch the sun set with a crowd- you can't beat sunset at Bud and Alley's
  • Grayton Beach- known as the local’s beach, Grayton is my all time favorite place to wrap up the day. Then, hit the Red Bar for some dancing and dinner.
  • Crabby Steve’s in Seacrest Beach- a well kept secret, Steve’s is only accessible by beach unless you are a High Point guest. This place is definitely a well kept secret.
  • Camp Creek Lake between Watersound and Seacrest Beach- it is very normal to see cars pulled over to watch the sun set here. It’s stunning. Another great way to enjoy it would be by kayak, paddleboard or YOLO Board.
  • Western Lake between Seaside/Watercolor and Grayton Beach- similar to Camp Creek Lake, this one is best viewed by car, kayak, paddleboard or YOLO Board. This is one of the most photographed and painted areas of 30A. You will see the pine trees of Western Lake all over the art galleries on 30A.
  • Watersound Beach Club- this is a private club but if you can get in it’s hard to beat this view anywhere on 30A. The dunes are incredible- thank you Watersound for leaving most of the dunes intact. The service at the Beach Club is excellent and the crowd is usually light and low key.
  • Camp Creek Golf Course- wrapping up 18 at sunset is one of my favorite things to do on 30A. You will see deer, fox, ducks, alligators and incredible sunsets and on rare occasions a birdie. Take an extra club on your approach if you want that birdie on 18.
  • Eden State Park- you will rarely see tourists here. This is your spot if you want quiet and tranquil. The bay at sunset is equally beautiful to the Gulf if you ask me. Eden is located off of 395 in Point Washington just North of 98.
  • Ed Walline Beach Access Gulf Place- This is a great beach access- I love this one. There’s always a nice sized crowd and great restaurants close by to enjoy after you watch the sun go down. La Playa is fantastic.
  • Western or Eastern Green in Rosemary Beach- these lawns are loved by kids of all ages. Best at sunset, it’s common to see bocce, football, kickball and baseball games happening on the green. The movie nights in the Summer are a great way to spend an evening just after sunset.
  • Whiskey Bravo in Seagrove Beach- fairly new place, great menu. (think Smiling Fish Café menu- some of the best food on 30A!) Great place to take a crowd for sunset.
  • George’s in Alys Beach- very cool atmosphere and nice outdoor seating. Sunset with Alys Beach as the backdrop is tough to beat. Be on the lookout for my next post on what to do after the sun is down.


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