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Sweet Treats of 30A

John Wellborn • July 10, 2018

Sweet Treats of 30A


Stay cool this summer with one of these sweet treats! Ice cream, doughnuts, candy... oh my!

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery(Photo Credit: Blue Mountain Beach Creamery)

Blue Mountain Beach Creamery

Located in Blue Mountain Beach, FL  the famous Blue Mountain Beach Creamery is known to be one of the best ice cream spots on 30A. They offer a variety of different flavors in frozen ice cream, yogurt, and sorbets. It is open daily from 7am-10pm.


(850) 278-6849




(Photo Credit: visitsouthwalton.com)

Heavenly Shortcakes & Ice Cream

Heavenly is located on Central Square in Seaside, FL. They offer over 32 flavors to choose from the shop. A must have signature strawberry shortcake topped with fresh strawberries or a milkshake! Heavenly is opened 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm. On the weekends it is opened from 9am to 11pm.






Five Daughter's Bakery

(Photo Credit: Five Daughters Bakery Airstream 30A)

Five Daughters Bakery Airstream 30A

Five Daughters Bakery Airstream is the new sweet spot, located in Seaside, FL. These delicious donuts are made up of a 100 layers of a mix of croissant and doughnut with multiple flavors to choose. Five Daughters Bakery is opened daily at 7am to 10pm.


(850) 231-2740




Dawson's Yogurt

(Photo Credit: visitsouthwalton.com)

Dawson’s Yogurt

Across from the beach, located in Seaside, FL Dawson’s Yogurt is the fix for a sweet tooth. Dawson’s has the finest fudge and yogurt to choose from in the store. Store hours are opened daily from 10am to 9pm.


(850) 231-4770




The Sugar Shak(Photo Credit: The Sugar Shak)

The Sugar Shak

Not far off the beach in Rosemary, FL is The Sugar Shack. They serve delicious ice cream, shaved ice, and all the sugary candy you can think of! Store hours are opened from 10am to 9:30pm plus on Friday and Saturday they are opened from 10am to 10pm.


(850) 231-3655



Modica Market

(Photo Credit: Modica Market)

Modica Market

Modica Market has been located in the heart of seaside for 30 years! They have a wonderful selection of sweets from cheesecake, cookies, and muffins! Daily hours run from 7am-6pm.