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Surfing Deer 30A

Test - Rent30A Rent30A • December 11, 2020

Visiting Seagrove Beach, FL?  

Make a reservation at Surfing Deer 30A

If you've ever visited 30A you may have noticed some feral, furry, friends grazing along the highway. The deer around here certainly don't restrict their ventures to the grasses and the forests. Every now and then in the wee hours of the morning, or just before sunset, they're spotted enjoying the abundant beachfront scenery. It’s a wholesome surprise for both local and visiting onlookers.

You would think the active presence of deer in the area would be sufficient inspiration for the name of the newest Hartley restaurant in Seagrove Beach, but it gets better!

The founder of Seagrove, C.H. McGee, Sr. and his son Cube McGee actually had a pet deer. Crazy right? The history of Cube McGee and his pet deer Bambi paving the way for the inviting atmosphere of Seagrove have been preserved in the founding of Surfing Deer. Located on the corner of 30A and Hwy 395, this fine dining experience is literally a cornerstone of the community!

Next time you visit, order the Cube McGee


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