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Sugar White Sand of 30A

Test - Rent30A Rent30A • December 22, 2020

Sugar White Sand Beaches of 30A

"White Christmas" means something different here on 30A. Have you ever wondered, "why is the sand on 30A so white?" It's actualy the result of a pretty incredible natural phenomenon.

The sugar-white sand you see on the shores today's 30A communities travelled here all the way from the Appalachian Mountains.

Weathering of the mountain range overtime, with a little help from the wind and rain, is what brought the particles into the waterways which carried them south. The Apalachicola River deposted those particles into the gulf. Tidal friction, and sea-level rise created the Emerald Coast we know and love today!

It turns out that our beaches are some of the purest quartz sand beaches in the entire state! Since there are no rivers that flow directly into our beaches, the water stays clear and the sand stays bright! Just another item to add to the very long list of why 30A is our fav.