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Hurricane Season on 30A!

Emily Pope • June 01, 2021

Is my vacation protected during Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season is here! The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. If you are staying in one of the scenic 30a beach rentals during this time or own a vacation rental on 30A, you may be wondering what to expect in the event of a storm during your visit. Can you cancel your vacation? Reschedule maybe? Here's what you need to know.

Rental Agreements

The terms of your Rental Agreement will provide the details you need to make a deterimation on whether or not your booking and/or finance are protected. Please be aware that each property manager has different terms and conditions for your reservation. Some of them will allow for a credit or reschedule in the event of a named stormed. Most do not. It is reccomend to read Rental Agreements in their entirety before signing and therby committing to the details therein.

Cancellation Policies

It's very important to note that each vacation rental policy is set by a property manager in most cases. Booking direct with an owner would be the exception. In both cases, cancellation policies are in place. Some of them will allow for cancellation during a certain time period for a certain refund amount, usually minus some administrative fees. Typically, the closer to check-in date, the less flexible the policy. As we can imagine, huirricanes can be quite unpredictable, and they definitely don't provide 60 days notice! Most cancellation policies alone don't cover you for an impending storm.

Trip Insurance

This is not an endorsement, it's just the truth. Most likely, the only way to ensure your trip is protected from a hurricane is by purchasing trip insurance that covers named storms. Some property mangers offer trip insurance, but many reccomend a third party company. A popular one on 30A is CSA Travel Protection. It is cruicial to understand that most travel insurance is not "cancel for any reason." Read their terms and conditions in their entirety to know exactly what you are and are not protected from. Some credit card companies also offer travel insurance.

All in all, please make sure to review your vacation rental's cancellation policy and the terms and conditions! Most importantly, stay safe and keep an eye out for any hurricane updates! 

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