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Are Golf Carts Allowed?

Test - Rent30A Rent30A • October 23, 2020

Rent 30A Trip-Tip Golf Cart Rules


If you've been to 30A, you've definitely seen folks cruising around on golf carts. If you haven't rented on your self yet and are interested in adding this perk to your list, there are somethings you're going to want to know.

First, are carts allowed where you are staying?

Believe it or not, golf carts are not authorized in every 30A community. If you're staying in Seaside, Rosemary, or Seacrest proper golf carts are only authorized for visitors with mobile disabilities. You would have to provide documentation and get the cart rented and approved through the associated HOA. (Seacrest proper is anyrental that has access to the lagoon pool and us under the jurisdiction of the Seacrest HOA. The stretch between Prominence and Alys does not have this limitation

Guests staying in Watersound are only authorized to have a golf-cart if it already comes with the property they are renting. Carts must be registered to the Watersound neightborhood and rental carts are not authorized.

If you are visiting WaterColor, and your cart does not come with your rental you can opt to get one from Electric Cart Company. They are the only vendor who can service guests in WaterColor: Their phone number is  (850) 622-2000, or you can email them at ro reserve one.

Dune Allen, Gulf Place, Grayton, Seagrove, and Inlet do not have golf cart restrictions. If you have any questions as to whether or not a golf cart is allowed where you are staying, contact us and we'll be happy to help!

How far in advance should I reserve a golf cart?

It's highly advised that you go ahead and reserve your cart once you reserve your vacation rental property. They are a pretty hot commodity and tend to be booked o for peak season several months in advance. Make sure you ask about cancellation policies just in case you have an emergency and need to cancel your visit!

Who can drive a golf cart?

Treat it like a car. Drivers have to be of driving age with a liscence and please make sure everyone is buckled up! 

Can we drive golf carts everywhere?

In Walton County, as long as the speed limit is 35 or under you're good to cart around. Please note that the the community restrictions do apply. It my be best to bike too in case there is limited parking at your destination.

Where can I park the golf cart?

This question is property specific. If you're not sure how many parking spots you have, you'll have to contact your property manager for clarification. Parking on most of 30A can be limited, so be sure to check on this prior to renting. We can always help you get the answers you need!

Okay, I'm ready to rent a golf cart. Who should I call?

Let us help! Our concierge team can assist with any of your concierege and rental needs for your vacation.


We hope this information helps answer any questions you may have. If there's anything we didn't address, feel free to reach out any time! We're here to help

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