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Coastal Dune Lakes of 30A

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Coastal Dune Lakes of 30A

When you think of 30A, surely you imagine picturesque the sugar white sands and the gorgeous emerald waters of gulf. It's such a site worth seeing. Some would say the most beautiful beaches in the world! It's quite the gem. Maybe even more so than you think.

There's a rare occurrence just behind the dunes of your favorite Santa Rosa Beach. 15 Coastal Dune Lakes line the coast. These lakes are a mix between salt and freshwater and only exist in Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar and the United States. and only one other place in America. That means of ALL the beaches in Florida, our 30A is the only beach in the state where these unique bodies of water formed. Lake Powell is  almost 800 acres. It's the largest coastal dune lake in the world!

What is a Coastal Dune Lake?

Coastal dune lakes are fed by groundwater seepage, rain, storm surge, and streams. Every now and then after a heavy rain, you may have noticed inlets form between these lakes and the gulf. These "outfalls" give way to a mix of salt and freshwater habitats that thrive in the brackish water that results from the dance of the two types of waterbodies.

Access to Coastal Dune Lakes

When you come to 30A, surely you think of lounging on the sand. Break into a new routine! Take a paddleboard, kayak, or canoe and explore! Much of the land around each lake is private, but the lakes themselves are public domain, which means that next time you visit, a new adventure could await. Here is a link to a guide from Walton Outdoors that outlines the details of each lake. It can help tell you which lakes you can access, where to park, etc.

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