The Blue Lupines of Blue Mountain Beach

Test - Rent30A Rent30A • February 11, 2021

Blue Lupines of 30A

While Florida is home to a few hills, it’s certainly not mountainous! So where did the name “Blue Mountain Beach” come from? This stretch of 30A has the highest elevation on the Gulf Coast of Florida—a whopping 65 ft above sea level. European sailors who discovered the area mistook the dunes for peaks.

So what about the “Blue?” Blowing in the ocean breeze are a flower called the Blue Lupine. They thrive in areas with sandy soils and is common in the easter part of the USA. A unique fact about this rare flower is that in some areas it’s extirpated (locally extinct,) and it’s difficult for them to thrive because their seeds have a tough coating that can only be penetrated by extreme conditions, like changes and pressure, mowing and fires.

We love the things about 30A that make it unique! Next time you’re in Blue Mountain Beach and you spot a Blue Lupine, take a picture and tag us!