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Where to Watch the Best Sunset

John Wellborn • December 27, 2016

After a sun-filled day at the beach or a long day at the office, nothing beats winding down the day to a 30A sunset. For both visitors and locals, there is just something special about sitting back and watching the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. No matter the season, the sunsets produced along 30A are something to be enjoyed all year long!

If you’re looking for some great spots to catch a sunset, look no further than some of our favorites, we’ve even included a few spots that locals and visitors may not know about!

Bud and Alley’s in Seaside

This spot is adored by locals and visitors, with a great menu and great view of the Gulf there is no better place to watch the sun go down. Bud and Alley’s may not be a secret spot to catch a  sunset, but it will definitely be a memorable one! We promise you’ll sit in awe as you watch the sunset from the deck.

Camp Creek Lake

Located between Watersound and Seacrest Beach sits Camp Creek Lake, a hot spot for people to enjoy the sunset from the comfort of a car. It’s normal to see cars lined along the side of the road basking in the beauty of our area. It would be beautiful to catch this sunset by kayak or paddleboard from the lake as well!

Crabby Steve’s

Shhh! This spot is one of 30A’s best kept secrets! Located on a private beach for guests of the High Point, makes this an ideal spot to watch the sun dip into the Gulf. We highly recommend asking a friend who’s staying at the High Point to have you as a guest to enjoy the sunset.

Eden Gardens State Park

If you’re looking for a quiet and tranquil spot to watch the sunset, look no further than Eden Gardens State Park. The sunset over the bay is just, if not more, beautiful than the sunset over the Gulf. It’s great to pack a picnic and enjoy the beauty of Eden Gardens State Park while you watch the sunset!

Ed Walline Beach Access

Located across the street from Gulf Place, park your car and head over to the beach to catch the sunset! Bring chairs or simply enjoy the view from the beach access ramp as the colors of the sunset dip into the Gulf!

Western Lake

Located between Watercolor/Seaside and Grayton Beach is Western Lake, one of the best sunset spots along 30A! You’ll often notice people pulled over enjoying the beauty that surrounds them and waiting for the sun to set along the coastline! If you’re looking to get a little up close, try kayaking or paddleboarding out into Western Lake and enjoying the sunset from the water - it’s breathtaking!

Western or Eastern Green in Rosemary Beach

Kick back and relax on either green in Rosemary Beach while the kids (and adults) can enjoy a game of football, kickball, and baseball games. Often busiest in the Spring and Summer, these greens are great spots to catch the sunsets with kids! Let them release some end of the day energy while you sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset.

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